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JANUARY 2, 2017

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little guy Girl. 
All designs are intellectual property of RubyVegas Designs,
replication of such pieces w/o written consent  is prohibited.  
It is also bad Kharma :o)

About Us



Hello! I'm just a simple girl with 'spunk' trying to have good clean fun while living in Las Vegas now in Yakima, Washington!!!

The Goods: Ihave been making jewelry for 16 years. My "super power" is wire-wrapping. I'm in it for the tools...and the colors!


y life in a nutshell:
Color, Wire, Tools and lots of laughter!
I've always had eclectic taste, searching for things that were unusual. This journey led me to creating my own  unique designs full of color and happiness.

My passion for making jewelry, really is more for the connection it creates with others.  It is so thrilling to meet someone who has the same fun style and outlook as me. I have discovered that it takes a special person to wear "Fabulous, Funky & Flirty" accessories.
We tend to enjoy all the little things in life. We  create our own special occasions. And we love to ourselves mostly. There is an almost "soul" bond with every customer I meet. 
So it's so nice to "cyber" meet you! I hope you enjoy my creations, It brings me much happiness to see them go to good homes.

Thank you so much for your support, encouragement and enthusiasm!
Viva Las Vegas,
(My Vegas name - I know, I have issues)


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