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JANUARY 2, 2017

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This is a gallery of shawl pins and jewelry that has sold over the past few years. It's just fun to browse through and see some cool things! Some of these I can recreate, so if you are interested drop me a note and I'll look into it. Thanks and enjoy the show!

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Earrings - Sculpted Sterling
$22.00Out of Stock
Hair Pin "Round Scroll"
$16.99Out of Stock
"Gorgeous Glass"
$18.00Out of Stock
$21.95Out of Stock
"Sterling Sensation"
$33.95Out of Stock
"The WIRED Wheel"
$22.95Out of Stock
The Sculpture
$24.00Out of Stock
Cherry Blossom Barrette
$24.00Out of Stock
Dichroic Beauty
$17.00Out of Stock
Copper Coin
$17.95Out of Stock
"Carnelian Forest" Shawl Pin Stick
$34.99 $25.99Out of Stock
Vintage Rhinestone Stick
$21.00Out of Stock
Necklace "Verdigras"
$17.69Out of Stock
FireFly Necklace
$21.95Out of Stock

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